A domain decomposition based technique for 2-D sea surface generation

  • Jianing Wang, Xiaojian Xu
  • Published 2013 in 2013 6th International Congress on Image and Signal Processing (CISP)


Analysis of Doppler spectrums for two-dimensional (2-D) sea surfaces at higher microwave bands is a challenge due to the calculation of huge matrices involved and the limitation of compute ability from both hardware and software. To solve the problem, this paper proposes a technique for 2-D seasurface realization based on domain decomposition. It decomposes the Fourier spectrum of a 2-D sea surface into multiple blocks and realizes the sea surface corresponding to the complete Fourier spectrum block by block. The weighted curvature approximation (WCA) method combining with domain decomposition is used in the electromagnetic (EM) calculation and Doppler spectrums from 2-D sea-surfaces at X band are simulated. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed technique can generate 2-D sea-surfaces with huge sampling number, making the simulation and analysis of Doppler spectrums in higher microwave regimes possible.


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