A Mobile Power Quality Monitoring Terminal Based on DSP and ARM


The design of a mobile power quality monitoring terminal based on a dual core architecture of DSP and ARM is introduced in this paper. The overall design of the terminal system is presented and the hardware and software design processes on the dual core system are proposed in detail. The chip DSP TMS320F28335 is adopted as the core of data processing module. The chip ARM SAMA5D34 is mainly used for the display of measured data. And the terminal can also send the data to the server for further analysis by wireless communication through the GPRS module. The terminal makes full use of the DSP's strong ability for data operation, and the ARM's ability for management. A large number of experiments have been conducted for the system. The system provides a friendly graphical interface based on Qt for users. The measured data displayed in the terminal has a high accuracy and reliability. The system has a good market foreground.


9 Figures and Tables

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