Novel drug and soluble target tolerant antidrug antibody assay for therapeutic antibodies bearing the P329G mutation.


AIM Bridging immunoassays for detection of antidrug antibodies (ADAs) are typically susceptible to high concentrations of residual drug. Sensitive drug-tolerant assays are, therefore, needed. MATERIALS & METHODS An immune complex assay to detect ADAs against therapeutic antibodies bearing Pro329Gly mutation was established. The assay uses antibodies specific for the Pro329Gly mutation for capture and human soluble Fcγ receptor for detection. RESULTS When compared with a bridging assay, the new assay showed similar precision, high sensitivity to IgG1 ADA and dramatically improved drug tolerance. However, it was not able to detect early (IgM-based) immune responses. CONCLUSION Applied in combination with a bridging assay, the novel assay serves as orthogonal assay for immunogenicity assessment and allows further characterization of ADA responses.


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